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May 13, 2022

Moving 102 - How to prepare for your moving day

If you choose to get a full-service move: good for you! You need not to read further. For the rest of us: you might be asking yourself some simple questions about wrapping, timing, supplies, etc. etc. So here are a few tips how to make your move smoother (and more seamless, which usually means faster, too). 

  1. Make A List: Give the moving company a comprehensive list of what they will be transporting. In addition to the obvious big furniture, you can include things like: how many boxes, pictures and art, rugs, lawn mower, and all the miscellaneous stuff that you might not use every day and could skip your mind. All of these items will add extra time, so if you are on a budget, pack them up and place them to an easily accessible place. 
  2. Tape your boxes shut: You may have some oddly shaped items in open boxes, but that should be the exception, not the rule.
    • Speaking of boxes: U-Haul has pretty good value boxes and they sell paper tape that make the taping super easy. 
  3. Wrap up art and mirrors: Or ask for supplies ahead of time so the movers can do it for you.  
  4. Put heavy items into smaller boxes. 
  5. Empty desk and dresser drawers. 
  6. Move cars out of the driveway. If you are moving from a narrow street, give your neighbors a heads-up. 
  7. Label Boxes: Label boxes based on where in the new house they will be going. Then label the rooms in your new home. This will make EVERYTHING so much easier. If you skip this step, you might end up with 4 people asking you "where is this going?" about every 5 seconds. 
  8. Protect your carpets: If you have a new carpet, you might want to put down a carpet shield (adhesive carpet cover in the paint section of home improvement stores). Let your movers know if you need carpet covers. 
  9. Communicate: Take five minutes to walk the movers through your home and explain what goes where.
  10. Prepare large items: Disassemble bulky furniture when on a budget. 

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